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“Koehler Cycles”—Employees Get on Their Bikes for a Good Cause


Employees at the Koehler Group have raised an impressive EUR 10,000 in donations through the “Koehler Cycles” campaign. Dr. Stefan Karrer, Chief Operating Officer, had the honor of handing the donations over to Bernd Rendler, Member of the Board of the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V, a Freiburg-based foundation that works with children suffering from cancer.

“Koehler Cycles”—Employees Get on Their Bikes for a Good Cause

For many years now, employees have been encouraged to regularly cycle to work as part of the “Koehler Cycles” initiative. The number of kilometers cycled is entered via the company’s intranet, where fuel and CO₂ savings can also be viewed.

Last year, Koehler employees cycled a combined distance equivalent to three times the circumference of the Earth. This represented an increase on the previous year, from 101,000 kilometers to 137,510 kilometers. As a result, employees saved EUR 20,600 in fuel costs and emitted 22 metric tons less CO₂, not to mention the positive impact of cycling on their health. The Koehler Group donates 5 cents per kilometer cycled, which this year added up to EUR 6875.50. This total was rounded up to EUR 10,000 by the Board of the company.

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