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Blue Till Receipt Transformed into Ad Space


The blue thermal paper from Koehler Paper, known under the trade name Blue4est®, is becoming increasingly popular due to its sustainability; a result of a complete absence of color developers and that it can be easily disposed of as wastepaper. The blue checkout rolls from the world’s leading thermal paper manufacturer from Oberkirch have now become the subject of a promotional campaign in the Renchtal region.

Blue Till Receipt Transformed into Ad Space

Eight businesses and restaurants from the city Oberkirch have come together voluntarily to use their logos on the back of the blue till paper in an act of solidarity to campaign for a green Renchtal. In addition to the eight logos, they are also highlighting the main advantage of the blue thermal paper: It is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. This makes it clear to customers that their blue receipt is helping to protect the environment and represents an even greener Renchtal. The promotional campaign is being supported by Koehler Paper, whose headquarters are located in the Renchtal region, and has been joined by the following business and restaurants: Lui e Lei, Elfen-Naht, Gaisbacher Hof, Bauzentrum Rendler, Hotel die Alm, Renchtal Tourismus, Julius Renner, and Cecil-Store. Participants received their first rolls of till paper with the impressive rear printing free of charge. Sebastian Früh, director Thermal Paper Division at Koehler Paper, says: “We are delighted that our blue thermal paper has also been so well received in the Renchtal region. I am impressed by the shared commitment and the initiative shown that has made this campaign possible. Every business and restaurant that uses our blue checkout rolls is making a statement for the environment. That’s why we were so happy to support this campaign.” Oberkirch’s Mayor Christoph Lipps also strongly welcomed the joint campaign: “I’m so happy that the businesses and restaurants taking part in the campaign identify so strongly with the city of Oberkirch and the beautiful Renchtal region that they decided to join this promotional campaign. On behalf of the city, I would like to thank them for this excellent collaboration.”

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