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Apprenticeships and advanced training at Koehler: 2022 graduates receive their diplomas


2022 graduates receive their diplomas. 15 apprentices complete their training successfully. Koehler invests in advanced training for its employees.

Apprenticeships and advanced training at Koehler: 2022 graduates receive their diplomas

Koehler offering high-quality, personalized development opportunities. Proof of that is the BEST PLACE TO LEARN® seal of quality, with which Koehler was re-certified in 2021 with a grade of “excellent.”

This summer, 15 apprentices, seven certified industrial supervisors, and three “distance learning” paper technologists successfully completed their respective apprenticeships and advanced training.

Koehler congratulated the graduates

The company’s instructors and managers congratulated the graduates in an intimate setting. “Excellent training is one of the main pillars behind Koehler’s success, and our team benefits tremendously from anyone who’s willing to invest time and effort into their own training,” says Stefan Grözinger, head of HR Development, Training, and Occupational Health Management at the Koehler Group.

The following employees were congratulated on successfully completing their apprenticeship or advanced training:

For apprenticeships at the Oberkirch site: 

Jasmin Müller (industrial administrator), Christian Schmidt, Simon Sutterer (electronics technicians), Dennis Hildenbrand (mechatronics technician), Raphael Armbruster, Mehmet Basar, Michael Bojko, Daniel Borovkov, Milan Milanovic (paper technologists), and Marvin Danner (industrial mechanic).

For advanced training at the Oberkirch and Kehl sites: 

Benjamin Nowara, Dominik Schmidt, Daniel Barthel, Benjamin Gottschlad (industrial supervisors specializing in paper manufacture), Metin Salih, Silvio Maier, and Paul Fies (“distance learning” paper technologists).
For apprenticeships at the Greiz site: Sinan Öztekin, Sascha Thiel (paper technologists), and Karl Lindner (mechatronics technician).

For apprenticeships in Weisenbach: 

Felix Schwerdt (print media designer) and Emir Can Demir (paper technologist).

For industrial supervisor advanced training in Weisenbach: 

Florian Beck (specialized in paper manufacture), Marco Franz (specialized in print media), and Adrian Rothenberger (specialized in electrical and electronic systems).

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