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An environmentally sound watch roll for Mühle-Glashütte

Resoundingly positive response at “FachPack 2022” trade show


Koehler Paper presents itself as an expert in sustainable paper packaging in Nuremberg. Koehler Paper recycling paper makes environmentally friendly watch roll a reality. Iconic S.A.R. Mission-Timer TITAN watch has its anniversary.

Resoundingly positive response at “FachPack 2022” trade show

The FachPack packaging trade fair recently took place in Nuremberg from September 27 to 29, 2022. The event has been held for more than 40 years now and is one of the prime exhibitions for the packaging industry and its customers in Europe. The guiding theme of the 2022 event was “Transition in Packaging”, a challenge for which Koehler Paper has all the right answers. And at the Koehler Paper booth, Koehler Paper Greiz Managing Director Udo Hollbach and Mühle-Glashütte CEO Thilo Mühle presented the “sustainable watch packaging” collaboration project between both family businesses in detail.

Koehler Paper recycling paper makes environmentally friendly watch roll a reality

The aforementioned “sustainable watch packaging” project revolves around premium, yet sustainable, packaging for a luxury watch. As far as the watch manufacturer is concerned, implementing a sustainable packaging solution is not only a self-imposed obligation, but also an important step towards the future. Udo Hollbach, Managing Director at Koehler Paper’s Greiz site, says: “There is a clear trend when it comes to packaging material options. Paper scores points right across the board, and is becoming an increasingly important factor in consumer decisions.” Together with ad agency Lehanka Kommunikationsagentur, the packaging for a new S.A.R. model was designed on the occasion of the watch’s 20th anniversary. And once all creative minds were aligned, a special unboxing experience for customers was brought to life.

Iconic S.A.R. Mission-Timer TITAN watch has its anniversary

For Mühle-Glashütte, 2022 is a very special year, as its S.A.R. Rescue-Timer is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The watch, designed under the auspices of sea rescue coxswains, is custom-tailored to the harsh conditions that are common at sea, And a facelift and golden special edition made sure that the remarkable new addition to the S.A.R. tradition would be simply unforgettable. Add luxurious and environmentally friendly packaging to the picture, and the whole thing’s success at FachPack was inevitable. The project makes it clear that there are no limits to creativity when it comes to the design of product packaging. In fact, the term “luxury packaging” was the exact opposite of “sustainable packaging” not that long ago – this project is a prime example of how the two can go hand in hand without any major problems. It is the use of high-quality recycling paper that sets this luxury eco-friendly packaging apart.

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