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Sustainability: Second Sustainability Report

Koehler Group Publishes Second Sustainability Report with Focus on Future Generations

As a family business, the Koehler Group focuses not on its quarterly results, but rather on the long-term future and generations to come. In this second sustainability report, the company therefore provides the first details of its 2030 sustainability strategy and the ambitious targets that it has set itself as a business.

Sustainability Report

The 2030 sustainability strategy sets out the Koehler plan to ensure all the financial, social, and environmental aspects of the Koehler Group come together to create a more sustainable future.

The Koehler Group has defined six areas where it intends to take action to promote sustainable development. These are: “Successful and future-proof products,” “Renewable raw materials and responsible sources,” “Resource efficiency,” “A visionary approach to climate action,” “People as the key to success,” and “Growing the company's value.” By dividing its sustainability strategy into these six areas and setting corresponding targets, the group has given itself a framework within which to structure its sustainability activities. Any actions taken and progress made can therefore be reported clearly and transparently.

The transparency of the information provided in the Koehler Group’s sustainability report makes it easy to understand the progress the business has made in meeting its sustainability targets. For instance, significant progress has already been made towards “A visionary approach to climate protection” thanks to some foresighted strategic decision-making by the group over 10 years ago. In the reporting period 2021/2022, around 60% of the Koehler Group’s heating and 70% of its electricity were provided by sustainable sources. By 2030, the Group wants its renewable energy generation to match (or hopefully better) the amount of energy used in its production processes.

A key focus of the Koehler Group’s second sustainability report are the challenges that the company has set itself and the progress that it has already made on its sustainability journey. Included in the report are interviews with representatives from business partners such as PreZero International and the Schades Group, who talk about their collaboration with Koehler and how their individual sustainability goals have brought them into closer partnership with one another. The report also demonstrates how customers benefit directly from the Koehler Group’s sustainability efforts, using specific examples such as the new flexible packaging paper from Koehler Paper. Switching from plastic to paper packaging helps food manufacturers to reduce their packaging license fee, since Germany operates a dual system covering both the collection and recycling of packaging materials. Paper packaging usually also have a much smaller carbon footprint than plastic packaging, meaning it often has a significant impact in terms of reducing a business’ overall carbon footprint.

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