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Sustainability: Recyclable paper-based solutions

Recyclability is already taken into account in the development of paper

The packaging paper in Koehler Paper’s NexFlex® series of products perfectly combines the advantages of flexible packaging with the requirements of working circular economies. During the development of paper or product concepts, recyclability and suitability for circular economies can be easily and quickly evaluated in the recycling laboratory.

Kreislauffähige papierbasierte Lösungen

he packaging paper in Koehler Paper’s NexFlex® series of products perfectly combines the advantages of flexible packaging with the requirements of working circular economies. Together with the experts from Koehler Paper, the R&D team at Koehler Innovation & Technology develops flexible packaging paper with and without barrier properties that serves as an alternative to flexible plastic packaging and can be recycled on top of that.

Needless to say, Koehler Innovation & Technology is continuing to invest in the research and development of sustainable and recyclable paper-based solutions. The latest evaluation methods of the Confederation of European Paper Industries (Cepi Recyclability Test Method Version 2) and the Papiertechnische Stiftung (Recyclability Testing in conformity with PTS-RH 021 – cat. 2) can now be used in our recycling laboratory with a Somerville fractionator screen. This means that it is now straightforward and much faster to evaluate paper and product concepts in terms of their recyclability and suitability for circular economies. Each step of the recycling process can be replicated in the laboratory, from defibering, fractionating, and sorting, to the evaluation of the filtrates and visual analysis of sheet formation, including the evaluation of visual inhomogeneities and tackiness. The analytics department at Koehler Innovation & Technology also makes it possible to carry out additional in-depth analytical investigations to obtain a more comprehensive picture of established test methods.

All tests can be conducted quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively, and the results achieved can be confirmed in real-life conditions at the Koehler Paper site for recycled papers in Greiz. 

Koehler Innovation & Technology—a Highly Specialized Team of Researchers and Developers

Koehler Innovation & Technology pushes the boundaries and sets new industry standards in everything it does, be it research, product and process development, plant engineering, analytics, IP management, or regulatory compliance. The company was founded in 2019 and currently has a team of over 100 experts working together to create sustainable and recyclable paper-based solutions for the future. These experts research materials and develop products and processes together with colleagues from the Koehler Group. Initial ideas are first put to the test through the innovation process, and then transformed into a prototype product in the lab. Next, the prototypes undergo usage tests in the pilot and production plants to create a product that is ready for series production. Koehler Innovation & Technology’s expertise and technical facilities are unrivaled. The company’s experts are an integral component of its value chain, monitoring its products across all stages of the circular economy, right through to the end of the product lifecycle, and they are responsible for continually adjusting its processes to make its products better than ever before. For more information, please visit:

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