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Forming shoulder

Forming shoulders are a component in packaging machinery and are used to take packaging materials in sheet format and form them into tubes. When using paper as a packaging material, these forming shoulders are a critical part of the packing process.

Forming shoulder

Forming shoulders are the central bag shaping part in the vertical form fill sealing machinery.

What types are there?

The shoulder must be uniquely made to match the desired bag format and dimensions. Depending on the bag style, a specific three-dimensional forming plane is required.

How is a forming shoulder installed?

Both forming shoulder and filling tube are format-specific, which means they form a unit in the so called forming set. These sets must be quick and easy to swap, which ensures optimal flexibility regarding bag format.

What differences are there with respect to forming shoulders used with plastic as a packaging material?

For sensitive packaging materials, such as paper, it is vital that the design of the forming shoulder supports the forming process optimally. The three-dimensional forming surface in particular must be designed in a way that creasing and damaging on the packaging material is minimized. Syntegon offers forming shoulders that allow all relevant bag styles to be created from paper.

Syntegon is Koehler’s partner for process and packaging technology and has decades of experience with packaging machinery. With its range of individual machines, automated packing systems, and customer services, the company is a pioneer in packaging innovation and a leading supplier of customized and reliable production processes that deliver high-quality results. Syntegon

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