Commitment to the environment


At Koehler we don’t just talk about environmental protection, we do something about it. The long list of environmental awards which Koehler has accumulated over the years for its responsible treatment of the countryside documents our high conservation standards, as does our certification to DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.

Umwelt ISO 14001

Our locations are near to people and to the countryside, which means we have special duties. Treating our resources with care is an inseparable part of securing the future of our company.

Ecology and economy have equal status in our management system.

Interesting Facts such as Print and paper have a great environmental story to tell.

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Contact person

Environmental Officer:

Joachim Uhl
Phone +49 7802 81-4147

Environmental Coordinator:

Rolf Peter
Phone +49 7802 81-4246

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