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Phenol-free Thermal Paper for the POS: PF

PF grades are manufactured entirely without the use of Phenols and are available in all lightweight grammages.

All PF varieties stand out due to increased resistance properties. They also feature a higher sensitivity than the FA quality. 


  • Thermal paper free of phenols
  • Optimum print-outs
  • Usable in almost every thermal printer
  • Image lasts for 10 years


For checkout rolls or receipts (POS), ATM-receipts, credit card receipts, restaurant receipts, printouts at infoterminals etc.



How does thermal printing


Learn more about how thermal printing works, how a normal thermal paper is structured, and what is different about Blue4est®.

Where do we produce Thermal Paper?

PM 2

We invest continuously in the thermal area in order to meet steadily rising demand. The latest and most efficient production facilities are now housed at our plant in Kehl am Rhein.  


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