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bisPhenol-free thermal paper for self-adhesive labels and tickets: LFB

Thanks to the special properties of our LFB quality, this thermal paper is especially suited for use as a self-adhesive label, ticket, or recording slip.

The LFB-grade paper offers the same advantages as our well-established LFA grade and, in addition, stands out with its outstanding printability and higher sensitivity.

The LFB paper is manufactured without the use of bisphenols. This variety is available in 70 gsm and 75 gsm.


  • Bisphenol-free thermal paper
  • Good barcode readability
  • Outstanding printability
  • Low susceptibility to adhesive migration
  • Ten-year lifetime of the text


Economy Labels (non Topcoat) for foods, parcel stickers, entry tickets, travel tickets, betting slips, lottery tickets



How does thermal printing


Learn more about how thermal printing works, how a normal thermal paper is structured, and what is different about Blue4est®.

Where do we produce Thermal Paper?

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We invest continuously in the thermal area in order to meet steadily rising demand. The latest and most efficient production facilities are now housed at our plant in Kehl am Rhein.  


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