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Blue4est ® - The Blue thermal paper from the black forest

The eco-friendly thermal paper from Koehler

Blue4est® is the innovative thermal paper from Koehler. It is guaranteed to be free of chemical developers and can easily be used in any conventional thermal printer.

Instead of a chemical reaction to heat, the emergence of text on our new Blue4est® thermal paper is a purely physical reaction.

The paper’s opaque functional layer turns transparent due to the effects of heat, and the black layer beneath it is revealed.


  • Ecofriendly
  • Resistant to outside influences such as sunlight and humidity
  • Long-lasting print (> 35 years)
  • Unmistakable due to its unique Color
  • Premium POS paper without chemically reactive components
  • The first thermal paper to be approved for direct contact with Food
  • Compatible with common thermal Printer
  • Outstanding printability
  • Award-winning technology: Koehler and Dow were awarded the US Green Chemistry Award 2017 for Blue4est®, among others

Why the Name Blue4est®?

On some days, the hills of the Black Forest take on a peculiar, shimmering blue color – which is just as unmistakable and unique as the color of our new Blue4est® thermal paper.

It is this proximity to nature which helps us come up with new products so often – just like the world’s first sustainable thermal paper, Blue4est®.


How does thermal printing work?


Learn more about how thermal printing works, how a normal thermal paper is structured, and what is different about Blue4est®.

Blue4est® - the Film

Blue4est® - the Film

Learn more about Blue4est® - the innovative thermal paper from Koehler.


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