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Koehler Thermal Paper – world leaders

Thermal Papers

Thermal paper is firmly established in many areas of daily life: checkout receipts and price labels in the supermarket, parcel labels or any other logistic application – in fact, anywhere that information has to be printed out quickly and economically.

In this dynamic market, the Koehler Paper Group has established itself as a world-leading manufacturer. We supply converters and laminators with our thermal paper all over the world, and they make them into checkout rolls, labels, and tickets.

We invest continuously in the thermal area in order to meet steadily rising demand. At our Kehl factory on the Rhine river, the very latest and most efficient production facilities are at work.

But we also have a lot to offer when it comes to innovation: together with our partner Dow Chemical we have just recently been named winners of the Green Chemistry Award for our Blue4est® Thermal Paper. This innovation is a first of its kind, offering a sustainable thermal paper free of chemical developers and thus approved for direct food contact. Blue4est® can be used with all existing thermal printers but unlike conventional thermal paper offers permanent and fade resistant images. Once again: Koehler Thermal Paper – world leaders.


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