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Casino Imperial®

Casino Imperial®

This highly developed playing card board has excellent properties for printing and varnishing. The outstanding rigidity and perfect snap characteristics are of the highest quality. The extremely high
cleanliness of the paper surface ensures that card players will not be able to discern any identifying features, thus providing the perfect prerequisite for a fair play.


  • homogeneous printing image on both sides
  • maximum snap properties for demanding casino needs
  • maximum surface cleanliness (giving improved security)
  • very good flatness
  • excellent stiffness
  • very high opacity
  • outstanding printability and varnishing


high-qualtity casino playing cards


laminated, two-side coated board
(adhesive color: black; other color on request)

Standard Grammage

300 gsm




glazed and embossed

Printing methods

offest; digital printing on request


We would be grateful to advise you on varnishing options.

Minimum quantities

60 tons

If you require smaller quantities, please ask your FineTech Paper representative for order combination possibilities.

All information is current. As we endeavour to provide you with the best possible product, we reserve the right to revise and amend specifications
without prior notice.


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