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Decor paper

Decor paper is a single-color paper that carry dye throughout, not just on the surface. It can be used in that form, as uni-colored paper, or printed with numerous designs using water-soluble printing inks.

With the exception of our regenerated paper, Koehler Decor Paper is made from hardwood and softwood cellulose and is absorbent, making it easy to process in the impregnation stage.

Decor paper is given a filling so that it cover the dark chipboard or core paper backing. Titanium dioxide pigments are the main ones used for white and other pale colors, while kaolins can also be used for darker paper. These white and colored pigments must be highly fade-proof and should also be chemically resistant.

Decor paper always has to be water-resistant so that it do not tear when in contact with the various impregnating resins, since tearing would cause production to cease during impregnation.


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