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We Think in Cycles

To continuously increase efficiency, we rely on constant process optimisation. We think in cycles in the areas of water, energy, and raw
materials and drive circular productinnovations.

Paper is a perfect example of the practical implementation of a functioning circular economy and offers us, the Koehler Group, a wide range of opportunities to combine environmental and economic goals.

The principle “Avoid. Reduce. Recycle.” accompanies our daily decision-making processes and the responsible use of our resources in production. In our production and energy generation processes,
numerous and diverse cycles help us to use water, energy, and raw materials efficiently. Water and raw materials are recycled as long as it makes economic and environmentally sense.

Jens Kriete, Nachhaltigkeitsmanager bei der Koehler-Gruppe

“Our paper is based on renewable raw materials from sustainably managed sources. It is recyclable and has thus already integrated essential sustainability aspects.”

Jens Kriete,
Sustainability Manager Koehler Group


We Produce Paper and Generate Energy

Renewable raw materials have enormous potential to contribute to sustainable development worldwide and also in Germany. Paper made from virgin fibers
offers optimal properties with low basis weights. After their use, they are a secondary raw material in demand, one that can continue to add value.

Cascaded use is required. Material use should always have priority where it is feasible and sensible. Biomass at the end of
material use (e.g. waste wood) and biomass assortments that are not suitable for material use are used by KRE to generate
renewable electricity, steam, and heat.

This infographic shows the products and material flows with which we participate in the circular economy with our business
units and how the processes complement each other.

Circular Economy

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