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This e-mail service is intended exclusively for wholesalers, paper converters, printers, agencies, and graphic-design offices. We hope you will understand that we will not be able to respond to enquiries from private individuals.

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Renewable Raw Materials from
Responsible Sources

Both, our Supplier Code of Conduct as well as our sustainably certified fiber sourcing ensure high social and environmental standards along our supply chain.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Sustainability only succeeds when all the players in the supply chain are involved. We have formulated our values and standards for our suppliers in our Supplier Code of Conduct. These rules of conduct define the principles and requirements we place on our suppliers
of goods and services regarding responsibility for people and the environment.

Focus on Raw Materials

Sustainable economic growth and the wellbeing of people and society start at the very beginning of our production chain. At Koehler, we therefore place a significant focus on the responsible extraction and efficient use of our raw materials. This is inextricably linked to securing of the future of our company.



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General Inquiries 



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