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People our Success Factor

We contribute to the continuous development and advancement of our employees through good training and qualification. We promote
health through a variety of preventive and health programmes, set clear goals and measures in the area of occupational safety and
ensure equitable remuneration.

Despite all the cutting-edge technology used by the companies of the Koehler Group, the people who work for us are the foundation
of our success.

Olaf Strick, Leiter Personal und Recht bei der Koehler-Gruppe

“We offer such a comprehensive apprenticeship programme to our people because we want to keep them later.”

Olaf Strick,
Corporate Director HR and Legal Affairs Koehler Group

Apprenticeship Programme

More than 80 apprentices and students are
undergoing their training with us every year.
They thus lay the foundation for a successful professional future in our company. In addition, we offer numerous opportunities for training, development, and higher qualification in order to keep up with technical, organisational, digital, but also psycho-social developments for all our employees.

Training and Qualification

Qualification is the basis for competent and responsible action. The contribution of our human resources development to this is to create a culture that invites and supports managers and staff to enjoy further development.

Occupational Health
and Safety

Our employees should always be able to rely on an intact and safe working environment. Occupational health & Safety are fundamental for us as a company.

Our goal is and remains: Zero accidents and no injuries.

Employee Welfare and Health

We Support Retirement Provisions

We Support Retirement Provisions

We Support Work-Life Balance

We Support Work-Life Balance

We Promote Health

We Promote Health

General Inquiries 



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