School student internships at Koehler

your first step into the world of work.

Are you a school student or somebody about to start their career and wishing to have a look into our training professions and dual courses?

Mandatory internship (BORS, BOGY) or voluntary internship, we can give you the opportunity to spend a week working at our company and getting to know the career of your choice.

which Areas can i take a School Student internship in?

One-week school student internships are available from a minimum age of 14 years in all of our training and study areas. Other areas may be available on request, depending on the time period (such as laboratory, renewable energies division).

Training professions:

  • Paper engineer (m/w/d)
  • Electronics engineer in operating technology (m/w/d)
  • Mechatronics engineer (m/w/d)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/w/d)
  • Industrial management assistant (m/w/d)

dual Courses of study:

  • Bachelor of Science – Business Informatics (m/w/d)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Paper Technology (m/w/d)

our locations

Our Locations

Koehler as an Employer

Koehler as an employer

advice for applicants

Advice for applicants

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